Becas para Maestrias

The International Doorway Masters Degree Scholarship Program is designed for international students who are seeking graduate studies in the United States. The majority of our graduate students attend accredited Universities in the United States for less than usd $20,000 for the school's total cost per year.

Our commitment to you is to obtain scholarships based on your needs.

Informacion del Programa

  • All International Doorway scholarships include cost of study (tuition), campus housing, and meals. All scholarships apply towards the degree you wish to pursue in the United States. That means we provide quality options and you choose which university is best for you!
    The Academic Scholarship Program was created in 1997 and from that time International Doorway has helped thousands of international students from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 
    The Program greatly increases your chances of being recruited and accepted by prominent American universities. 
    Our Program allows international scholars the opportunity to pursue an academic career in the United States and obtain a degree that is widely recognized within national and international employment market.

El NO saber ingles no es un impedimento.

  • Si no hablas con fluidez el idioma Inglés puedes participar en nuestros programas. Los participantes que no tienen el nivel de Inglés requerido para iniciar los estudios, reciben ofertas de becas que incluyen cursos intensivos de inglés llamado Inglés como Segunda Lengua (ESL).

Preguntas Frecuentes

  • What are the benefits of participating in International Doorway Masters Degree Program?

    International Doorway has been working with international students and American schools for over 14 years-that is more than a decade of experience in helping students find the best placement for their budget and career goals.
    The other benefit to having placed thousands of students from over 40 countries is that we have developed strong, long term relationships within the US University system and that means more scholarship and better services for you!

    How long will it take to receive my Scholarship Report?

    The most important influence on receiving your Scholarship Report and I-20 is YOU.
    When you complete the International Doorway application we will begin working immediately on your Scholarship Report and will have your report ready within 30 days, but because of our close relationships with partnering universities we can often have your Report ready in less time as long as you provide the documentation required for study in the US.
    Don’t worry, we know it sounds like a complicated process, but our staff will walk you through the procedure—we have been doing this for a long time.

    Can I participate in the Program if I do not speak English?

    Absolutely! One of our most successful programs is ESL (English as a second language) placement.
    All of our programs offer an ESL option through which you will be able to access some of the best ESL programs in the world with our IDEA scholarship—the best news is that we offer ESL placement at no extra cost to you so that when your English has reached an acceptable lever you can enrol in your university of choice.

    When can I begin my graduate studies in the USA?

    As soon as you make a decision from your Scholarship Report we will begin working immediately to finalize your placement for either fall (August) or spring (January) semesters.

    May I work in the USA?

    Yes, your student Visa will allow you to work on campus and it is also a way to make your education more affordable.
    Keep in mind that International Doorway cannot promise work opportunities for ALL of our participants because each university has its own rules and availability regarding campus employment.
    Some IDEA scholarship packages will include work opportunities that we have prearranged for our students and these opportunities will be noted in your Scholarship Report.
    Students may work as long as they follow the regulations imposed by the U.S. government with regards to international students.
    Currently, international students may legally work up to 20 hours per week on campus.

    What type of visa do I need to study in the USA?

    After you have chosen your destination based on the scholarships on your Report you will need to obtain the F-1 student visa to travel to your new university.
    International Doorway’s Staff will assist you in the process of obtaining all the necessary documentation to be presented to the institution and to the US embassy.
    Each school will then evaluate your documentation and issue the I-20 and you must personally present this form at the American embassy in your home country in order to obtain the student visa.

    When and how can I apply?

    IDEA offers open admission which means that we accept students all through the year.
    You may start your journey in one of two ways.
    You can contact the International Doorway Representative in your country or you can contact us online to receive instructions on the next steps to follow.

¿Porque estudiar en los Estados Unidos?

  • Los Estados Unidos son el principal destino de estudiantes internacionales en todo el mundo. De acuerdo al Institute of International Education que depende del U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, anualmente cerca de 600.000 estudiantes internacionales asisten a Colegios y Universidades norteamericanas. Estos estudiantes provienen de naciones ubicadas en todos los continentes pues ellos consideran que la Educación Superior de USA los prepara competitivamente para enfrentar el mundo actual. Estados Unidos ofrece a los estudiantes internacionales un sistema dinámico y con amplias opciones de proyección en el mundo laboral. Las principales ventajas de la educación universitaria en los Estados Unidos podrían sintetizarse en los siguientes ítems.

    • Instituciones reconocidas mundialmente
  • • Oportunidades de Becas
  • • Un título con reconocimiento internacional
  • • Una amplia oferta académica
  • • Capacitación, investigación y tecnología
  • • Convivencia universitaria • Diversidad climática
  • • La cultura americana y su gente 

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Nuestro equipo le otorgara Universidades con cursos de inglés disponibles para usted, incluyendo las oportunidades de becas para que su experiencia en los EE.UU. sea lo mas placentero.
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